BRVBB LifeSavers
Welcome - About us

We are BRVBB   -   The Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank.  
Located in Purcellville, Virginia with donor host sites in the Washington DC, Maryland, West Virginia & Virginia area.    

We are the largest ALL "Volunteer" canine Blood bank in the united states.  
All of our Blood Donor Dogs are "VOLUNTEERS" ...  they are typical family household members that sleep on the couch, cuddle in bed, and live in loving homes.    
What makes them very very special is that every 5-7 weeks they donate a cup or so of "lifesaving" blood which in turn assists up to 4 other dogs in need.  

Additional Information is located on the donor info tab!
phone    540.338.7387 (Ask for the Blood Bank)

 Contributions to the community.

We are proud to announce that since 2013 we have
DONATED over 1200 units of Canine Blood Products and Plasma to local 501c Rescue groups in need.  

 Our Donors commitment to the program at BRVBB

 allows us to "Pay it forward" into our communities.